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Easypaisa Turns Heads through Its Eye-Catching New OOH Marketing Campaign

Pakistan’s leading digital payments platform, easypaisa, has once again left the gazers in awe with its ground-breaking marketing campaign.

Through Pakistan’s first-ever anamorphic deployment on the Islamabad Expressway that immediately captures the attention of the passers-by, easypaisa has outdone itself when it comes to innovative and effective marketing methods.

From concept to execution, the campaign is planned based on learnings and digital analytics that easypaisa has accumulated over the years.

The display has integrated 3D elements with a real surface making the whole installation so immersive that you just stare in awe at the brilliance of its execution.

Being the pioneers in FinTech and every citizen’s mobile wallet, easypaisa caters to millions of Pakistanis by enabling them to take financial control in their own hands through their smartphones.

Targeting the tech-savvy new generation, the campaign focuses on providing captivating viewership along with a complete and immersive experience of mobile payments and branchless banking.

The strategic placement of the installation couldn’t be more accurate since it highlights ferfer money transfer via easypaisa and has been installed on one of the busiest routes of the capital where vehicles move at superspeed.

This highlights the brand’s unique and innovative take on advertising. The execution showcased easypaisa’s money transfer features and the modes of money transfer which include CNIC, P2P, Whatsapp, etc.

Commenting on the effective marketing campaign, Omar Moeen Malik, Head of easypaisa, said, “In this hot pursuit of technological advancements, it is crucial to stay at the top of the game.”

“As an integral cog in the evolution of Pakistan’s digital landscape, easypaisa will continue to cater to its growing audience effectively,” he concluded in his statement.

He added, “In this aspect, we are making every effort to connect better with our customers through such effective marketing campaigns. This unique campaign is a personification of how we perceive digital Pakistan to be and we are excited to see the response it generates.”

Easypaisa has been on a mission of revolutionizing Pakistan’s financial landscape through its unorthodox services and now they are making their mark as the front runners in revolutionizing the branding touchpoints as well.

In this clutter of content that we see these days, easypaisa has outdone its competitors in turning the eyeballs towards itself.

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