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Millions of Samsung Phones had a Critical Security Flaw

Security researchers at Tel Aviv University, Israel, have discovered a critical security flaw in Samsung phones. All of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones since the S8 were affected by this flaw and more than a million units fell victim to it.

The aforementioned phones are able to store cryptographic keys through ARM’s TrustZone technology and the security flaw targeted exactly that. The vulnerability is able to compromise encryption information that the phone is supposed to protect through dedicated hardware.

The problem existed within a weak and poorly documented link in the security chain inside ARM’s TrustZone OS. This gave potential hackers a workable route to your phone’s most sensitive information. This is highly alarming if more than a million smartphones are victims of this critical security issue.

The researchers highlighted an overall need for better security standards across all electronic devices that store sensitive information. But the good news is that Samsung was alerted straight away once the flaw was discovered back in 2021. The Korean phone maker rolled out security fixes in August and October 2021, so if your phone is falling behind on security updates, now is a good time to act on it.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung is vigilant about security updates on its devices, but some security issues tend to stay well-hidden and no phone maker is perfect. Hence, the TrustZone security flaw has nothing to do with negligence.

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Aasil Ahmed