Facebook is Locking Users Out of Their Accounts For This Reason

Facebook is locking some people out of their accounts who were asked to use Facebook Protect with two-factor authentication by 17th March.

The notification stated:

Turn on Facebook Protect to unlock your account. Account locked on March 17, 2022. We’ve taken this precaution to keep your account secure while you enable additional security measures.

However, some users complained that they had already enabled the security feature but were still locked out of their accounts the next day. Some others who had not been requested to activate Facebook Protect had also been locked out of their accounts, with some users facing technical issues such as not receiving codes on their phones.

Previously in December, Meta announced that it would ask high-risk users to protect their accounts via two-factor authentication. Within the same month, over 1.5 million users had enabled the feature.

Facebook Protect was introduced for high-profile users including journalists, government officials, activists, and many others who may be subject to targeted hacks.

The company has yet to respond to the latest glitch.