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What Are StormFiber and NayaPay Up To?

We have come across some recent messaging on social media from StormFiber and NayaPay that alludes to a collaboration of sorts between the two tech organizations.

On their Facebook pages, both StormFiber and NayaPay have posted a teaser saying ‘A Storm Is Coming’ with the hashtag #BetterTogether.

And on Twitter, the two organizations have been engaged in a curious conversation that too hints at some kind of a partnership.

The messaging has left the audience curious making them wonder what exciting surprise the two brands might have up their sleeves for the customers.

But what StormFiber, a leading and growing FTTH provider in the country, and NayaPay, the country’s up and coming fintech player, could be up to is anybody’s guess so far.

In case the two organizations have decided to join forces on some integrated digital payments solution, the initiative could prove transformative and open a world of opportunities.

To know what exactly is cooking inside the StormFiber and NayaPay HQs, we’ll keep our ears and eyes open. Keep watching this space for more updates on this developing story.

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