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Here’s Why Milk Should Never be Stored in Fridge Side Door

An expert stunned everyone by warning them not to put the milk in the refrigerator doors.

Almost everyone keeps milk cartons in the fridge door, and it has never been a big issue, so this claim has left internet users baffled.

A TikTok channel ‘Cost of Living Crisis Tips’ often shares life hacks and tips and it posted a video saying that as the fridge door is opened often, it is easier for the milk to get spoiled easily if placed in the door. It is a better idea to place the milk inside the fridge instead.

However, other people are skeptical about this revelation. One user wondered how the freshness would be affected if the door was opened for 5 to 10 seconds.

The video-maker responded that while we may only open the fridge door for a brief period of time, we do it numerous times per day, which impacts the freshness of the milk and saves you money since it will last longer.

While other users reacted humorously, joking that the tip works well since the children cannot sneak a sip if the milk carton is hidden behind other things in the fridge. Another user remarked sarcastically that the milk in their house doesn’t last long enough for it to have a risk of being spoilt.

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Asma Sajid