Asim Azhar’s ‘SONA CHANDI’: The Perfect Beat to Start the New Year on VELO Sound Station

After a successful season 1, the platform returns to our digital screens with a pop-drop #SonaChandi debuting Asim Azhar on VELO Sound Station.

The song is a groovy pop number on Velo Sound Station’s vibrant and larger-than-life stage, and the sing-along chorus in Bilal Maqsood’s brilliant composition makes the song shine as one of the best by VELO Sound Station.

The song showcases Asim with energized and earthy voice fitting the style and layout of #SonaChandi. The glittering and colorful ambiance coupled with energized infectious dance moves keeps the audience engaged and makes them dance-ready for 2023.

Velo Sound Station comes out in front when it comes to style and freshness. Having a signature audio-visual experience that fans have come to love, the fresh music and epic stage design for this number add to the overall entertainment!

The expectations? The song is surely becoming a hot favorite amongst pop fanatics and choreographers this wedding season!

Now live on the platform’s YouTube channel, #SonaChandi is surely a great addition by VELO Sound Station to the music scene in 2023. The excitement soars over what the platform has to offer the audience in its second edition expected this year.

Stay tuned for more updates and trending news from this front!

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