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It is not untrue that we witnessed the end of 2022 with news and contemplation about not much good happening coming to the general public from any direction. The start of 2023, however, brought its first development which is bound to be welcomed by the masses with open arms.

After other common means of intercity travel, now railway networks, the most used transportation for domestic journeys, are starting to embrace digitization and technology-driven consumer convenience as far as ticket management is concerned.

Keeping a low profile but working on massive projects for their mission to revolutionize the travel experience, Bookme had been engaged with a few popular names in the railway industry to bring about the much-needed pre-booking and e-ticketing management in this sector.

The e-commerce of ticketing, pioneered by this very start-up almost a decade ago, has now become a lifestyle and need for travelers no matter the means of travel.

With its extensive network of intercity bus travel, national and international airlines, hotels, and a multitude of events and sporting events, Bookme is now all geared up to pleasantly surprise train travelers this year by introducing train ticket booking online.

What used to be the go-to means for most social economics classes for travel a few decades ago seemed to be facing increasing competition and comparison in the last couple of years at the hands of an increasing number of inter-city bus networks.

As more commercial and affluent commodities’ interest fell onto these networks, they kept developing and providing progressive value-add services for frequent travelers to ensure their hassle-free experience and convenience.

The trains vertical for Bookme has gone live with the railway bookings. A few leading names in railway operations, which are operating in a public-private partnership model with a goal to add value to the travel experience of railway passengers, can be seen as part of the inventory.

These private names are striving to deliver a quality service that starts with digitizing the ticketing process.

Some vital mentions are S. Jamil & Co (SJMCPL) which is a project of STHN Group, with a customer base of over 7 Million, operates between 6 key destinations and multiple small routes, and, NCS Rail, which operates from Rawalpindi to Karachi on two routes, through 4 premium trains.



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