Mobile and Internet Services Disappear Due to Countrywide Power Outage

Telecom services, including mobile and internet, are disappearing across the country due to a nationwide power outage.


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said in an update that due to country wide power outage, users may face service disruptions.

It added that cellular mobile operators have been instructed to inform their respective subscribers accordingly and to make optimal efforts for refueling of the gensets on maximum number of sites. The statement added that the telecom regulator is working with operators to provide uninterrupted services across the country.

Sources have informed ProPakistani that in addition to mobile phone services, fixed internet services have also been affected by power breakdowns in cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

Sources state that power backups for telecom towers last for a maximum of four hours and, due to prolonged power outages across the country, mobile services have started to be affected.

An official from the telecom industry stated,

Telecom networks are running on a backup power supply since the electricity breakdown early in the morning. With continued outages in different parts of the country, it is getting more challenging to keep the network up and running.

The official also highlighted the logistical challenges of managing and refueling a large number of sites simultaneously, as well as the health and safety considerations for field teams, particularly in hard terrains.

Backup power and fuel are limited to a certain time frame and not for prolonged outages. Logistically managing and refueling a large number of sites simultaneously is also a challenge in such situations. There are also health and safety considerations for the field teams, particularly in hard terrains that the telecom companies have to prioritize.

Telecom companies have urged the government to immediately restore electricity supply to the industry in order to restore essential services.

The power disruption has also led to some petrol pumps running short on their supply, which is expected to further intensify the crisis.

IT Ministry officials have stated that they have not received any complaints about telecom services being affected, while the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) says they are gathering information on the affected telecom services.