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Govt to Launch E-Office Mobile App in Ministries/Divisions

The Federal Government has decided to launch an e-office mobile application in Ministries and Divisions.

According to National Information Technology Board (NITB) officials, NITB has prepared a mobile application for e-office services and the trial has been completed.

While Talking to ProPakistani, CEO NITB Babar Majid Bhatti said, the e-office mobile application will work on the intranet instead of the internet. This application will also be accessed through VPN.

The mobile application has been made secure in every respect, the security audit of this application has been completed by NTISB, and this application has been cleared by NTISB.

He said that e-office mobile applications will prove to be important for digital transformation. Any government officer can view these office files sitting at home. After using this mobile application, files will not get delayed and government affairs will improve. The use of e-office mobile applications will facilitate the users.

CEO NITB Babar Majid Bhatti said the technical glitches have been removed in the WhatsApp-style mobile application designed for government employees. He says that the Beep app will be launched soon.

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