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MG has Timely Delivered Locally Assembled MG HS Essence from January to May 2023

MG successfully and timely delivered all locally assembled MG HS Essence vehicles from January 2023 until May 2023, demonstrating its customer-centricity.

This accomplishment stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to meeting customer demands while maintaining high standards of quality. As a popular choice among car enthusiasts, the MG HS Essence offers a blend of modern features, superior performance, and exceptional value for money. The timely delivery of these vehicles underscores MG’s strong foothold in the market and its commitment to providing an outstanding ownership experience for its customers.

The journey of MG in Pakistan commenced through a strategic joint venture between SAIC Motor International Co. Ltd (SMIL) and JW SEZ (Pvt) Ltd., involving a substantial investment of $100 million. This momentous undertaking marked the establishment of MG’s fourth assembly plant globally, solidifying MG’s long-term dedication to the Pakistani market. Following the successful completion of Phase 2 in 2022, the plant obtained its manufacturing license, showcasing MG’s determination to thrive in the local automotive landscape.

MG’s objective is clear: to redefine and revolutionize the automotive industry in Pakistan. With cutting-edge technology and manufacturing prowess, the CKD plant in Lahore not only strengthens MG’s presence but also contributes to economic growth and technological advancement in the nation. As part of their commitment, MG has made seven remarkable promises that embody their ethos.

No Compromise on Safety Standards:

MG’s CKD MG HS Essence boasts the same safety features as the CBU MG HS Exclusive, reflecting the brand’s commitment to prioritizing customer safety. With features like 6 airbags and a 5-star ANCAP Car Safety Rating, MG sets a high standard in vehicle safety. The company actively collaborates with the government to implement the WP 29 standard for enhanced safety across all vehicles in Pakistan.

Tremendous Global Spec Range:

MG HS Essence brings a wide range of globally acclaimed specifications to the Pakistani market, providing cutting-edge automotive technology and a plethora of features and options to suit diverse customer preferences. The HS offers innovative features such as MG Pilot, which includes Advanced Driver Assistance System, Lane Keep Assist System, Blind Spot Monitor, Intelligent High Beam Control, Forward Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more.

Revolutionize Pakistan with New Energy Vehicles:

MG leads the way in driving the adoption of new energy vehicles in Pakistan, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for the country. The MG ZS EV and HS PHEV have received an overwhelming response from Pakistani consumers.

Automotive Export from Pakistan:

The establishment of the CKD plant in Lahore opens the avenues for automotive exports, showcasing Pakistan’s manufacturing capabilities on an international scale and stimulating the country’s economy.

Increase the Desirability for Everyone:

Drawing from its 100-year British legacy, MG aims to enhance the desirability of its vehicles among a wide range of customers by offering stylish, feature-rich, and value-for-money options that cater to diverse consumer segments. The MG HS Essence is designed at the UK Design Center, and exemplifies this with its Galaxy Grill, dual-tone sequential DRLs, sporty seats, luxurious interior, and more.

Provide a Thrilling 3S Dealership Experience:

MG is committed to providing an exhilarating and customer-centric 3S (Sales, Service, and Spare Parts) dealership experience, ensuring exceptional customer service and comprehensive support throughout the ownership journey. MG has even introduced the concept of a 3S Dealership in a mall, revolutionizing the vehicle purchasing and servicing experience.

On-Time Car Delivery:

MG faced challenges in delivery due to the global chip shortage in 2021. However, the company successfully delivered all vehicles without increasing the price, absorbing a loss caused by FOREX fluctuations. This showcases MG’s dedication to Pakistan in the long run. MG understands the importance of timely delivery, they constantly strive to ensure that customers receive their cars promptly, maximizing customer satisfaction.

During the period January to May 2023, all MG HS Essence have been delivered on time. MG also heightened the joy of festivities by launching a special campaign that ensured timely deliveries before Eid. As part of this initiative, MG Pakistan went above and beyond to accommodate customer needs and preferences, recognizing the significance of celebrating Eid with loved ones.

To address any uncertainties or misconceptions surrounding MG, the brand has initiated a captivating campaign known as “Drive to Decide.” This dynamic campaign is designed to encourage potential customers to ignore the rumors and truly experience the MG Advantage firsthand. By providing an opportunity to explore the remarkable qualities of the locally assembled MG HS Essence, which made its debut earlier this year, MG aims to showcase its position as the most captivating and technologically advanced SUV in the Pakistani market.

With its potential to revolutionize the automotive landscape, MG invites everyone to visit their nearest dealership and embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery. Don’t rely on hearsay alone; take the driver’s seat and #DriveToDecide for yourself.

To book a test drive, please visit MG Pakistan.

Below is a summary of the advantages being provided by MG HS:

Elements MG HS KIA Sportage Hyundai Tucson Haval H6 1.5T Changan Oshan X7 FS
MG Pilot O X X X X
Adaptive Cruise Control O X X O O
Multi-Color Ambient Light O X X X X
Sporty Seats O X X X X
Super Sport Mode O X X X X
Paddle Shifters O X X X X
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System O X X O O
3 Interior Color Options O X X X X
6 Airbags O X X O X
Exterior Mirrors Welcome Light O X X O X
Hydraulic Hood Lift O X X O X
Heated Seats O X X O X
360-degree camera O X X O O


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