13-Year-Old Afaaq Ahmad Jamal to Set World Record in Karachi Marathon

In a remarkable journey of athleticism and determination, Afaaq Ahmad Jamal, a 13-year-old prodigy hailing from Hamza Dara in the Swabi district, is set to make headlines, as he prepares to participate in the Karachi Marathon to achieve a new world record. Born on October 10, 2010, Afaaq has been consistently showcasing his running prowess since 2021.

Afaaq’s journey began with a 10-kilometer run in the Colonel Sher Khan Marathon in Mira-Tan, setting the stage for his impressive career in long-distance running. Subsequently, he conquered the 5-kilometer run in the Malam Jabba Snow Marathon and a 5-kilometer run in the Kalam Snow Marathon in 2022.

In 2023, Afaaq took on the formidable challenge of the World Water Run, covering a distance of 500 kilometers from the Torkham Border to the Wagah Border. Remarkably, he ran 20 kilometers daily and completed 100 kilometers in just five days, showcasing his remarkable endurance.

On August 14, 2023, Afaaq participated in the Mira-Tan Marathon, completing an impressive 20 kilometers. Later that year, he added another feather to his cap by participating in the Margalla Bay Yard Ultra Marathon Third Edition where he completed 10 laps, setting an official world record.

Currently, Afaaq is eagerly anticipating the Karachi Marathon and is brimming with excitement about the prospect of setting a new world record. His dedication and preparation for the upcoming marathon reflect his commitment to achieving greatness. The world eagerly awaits the outcome as Afaaq Ahmad Jamal aims to make history at the Karachi Marathon by securing another remarkable record.

Published by
Shayan Obaid Alexander