Lahore High Court Suspends Govt’s Decision to Increase Prices of Medicines

On Thursday, the Lahore High Court (LHC) suspended the notification issued by the federal government regarding the increase in prices of life-saving drugs.

In his petition, a citizen named Muhammad Aslam argued that the government’s notification regarding the regulation of medicine prices goes against the law and will result in an increase in medicine prices.

He further argued that the government is withdrawing the section related to fixing medicine prices from the Drug Act. Aslam added that the caretaker government does not have this power.

The petitioner requested the court to suspend the notification till the final decision of the petition. After the initial hearing on the plea, the LHC suspended the notification regarding the hike in drug prices.

The court has also requested a response from the caretaker Punjab government at the next hearing.

The court has ordered the caretaker Punjab government, the federal government, and other relevant parties, to provide their responses at the upcoming hearing.

Published by
Arsalan Khattak