Motorcyclists Banned on Flyovers in Rawalpindi During Basant Festival

Rawalpindi police have banned the entry of motorcycles on all flyovers to prevent potential incidents during the Basant festival.

During the Basant festival in Punjab, various measures have been taken due to concerns regarding potential losses caused by kite strings.

In a statement, Rawalpindi Police announced the closure of flyovers at Murree Road, Airport Road, and other localities for motorcyclists. On the other hand, police have taken several individuals into custody over aerial firing on the occasion of Basant in different areas of the city.

Rawalpindi police stated that operations against individuals engaged in illegal activities during the Basant festival are ongoing. Numerous individuals have been detained from various areas of the city.

“Police and district administration teams are diligent to maintain peace and law and order throughout the province,” the administration said.

Previously, Punjab police forwarded a recommendation to enhance penalties for kite-flying in the province. It proposed a five-year imprisonment term and a fine of Rs. 2 million.

According to the recommendation, those involved in preparing thread and kites using prohibited material should face a five-year imprisonment, up from one year previously. They should also be fined Rs. 2 million, an increase from Rs. 500,000.

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Arsalan Khattak