Norway Makes It Easy for Foreigners to Get Permanent Residence in Just 3 Years

Norway has abolished the financial support requirement for obtaining a permanent residence permit on April 18, allowing people to live and settle in the country more easily. The Norwegian government has waived the previous stipulation mandating applicants to demonstrate financial independence for the previous 12 months.

Under the previous regulations, individuals aged between 18 and 67 seeking permanent residence permits were required to exhibit a stable income over the past year and refrain from receiving government financial assistance. However, the recent amendment eliminates the restriction on receiving financial aid under the Social Services Act, while the prerequisite of maintaining a steady income remains intact.

A permanent residence permit grants individuals the right to reside and work in Norway indefinitely. Applicants must have held a valid residence permit in Norway for a minimum of three years and fulfill additional eligibility criteria.

Upon approval, recipients will receive a residence card valid for two years, serving as proof of their permanent resident status. Previously, permanent residence permits were endorsed with stickers affixed to passports.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is currently revising the guidelines regarding language training requirements for individuals granted residence permits after January 1, 2021. However, the updated guidelines do not yet apply to those who received permits after this date.

Approved sources of income for meeting the financial criteria include earnings from employment, business income, pension payments, sickness benefits, loans, grants related to education, and introduction benefits. Financial assistance, in the form of pocket money or funds for essential needs like medical expenses and educational materials, remains available for individuals facing financial hardship during their stay in Norway.


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