Pakistan, South Korea Look to Enhance Bilateral Trade Volume

In a significant step towards enhancing economic relations, the Republic of Korea’s Ambassador to Pakistan Park Kijun called on Federal Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal Khan to discuss and strategize on boosting bilateral trade and investment.

The minister briefed the envoy on the government’s proactive measures in stabilizing the economy, which he believes are making Pakistan an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investment.

Kijun expressed a strong desire to collaborate closely with Pakistan to enhance trade volumes and explore new business opportunities.

The minister assured the ambassador that the government stands ready to promptly resolve any problems to ensure smooth and efficient operations for foreign businesses in Pakistan.

Additionally, he invited Korean investors to capitalize on upcoming privatization opportunities within various government departments. This move aligns with the prime minister’s vision of increasing private sector involvement in the economy to improve efficiency and service delivery.

The commerce minister extended an open invitation to Korean companies, urging them to explore and invest in Pakistan’s commercial and strategic projects. Key sectors highlighted for potential investment included energy, port and shipping, fisheries, and agriculture—areas deemed critical for Pakistan’s economic development and offering substantial opportunities for international investors.

The minister also briefed the Ambassador on the successful holding of the recent Saudi Arabia-Pakistan Investment Forum 2024 which was attended by the top investors from Saudi Arabia. He informed the Ambassador that Pakistan could organize a similar match-making event for the big Korean conglomerates and investors wishing to invest in Pakistan.

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ProPK Staff