NCCPL Rolls Out Smart Portal For Verification of Investors

NCCPL has introduced a smart portal for swift verification of investors to open their accounts in the equity market.

The NCC Smart CKO Portal (SCP) is a game-changer in the world of digital onboarding, revolutionizing how individuals engage in the onboarding process of the securities market. This initiative reflects NCCPL’s dedication to making account opening more accessible and user-friendly for investors.

The NCC SCP will allow investors to initiate and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process without the hassle of visiting any office.

SCP has a streamlined and comprehensible design, facilitating investors in completing the essential basic verifications (NADRA, Biometric, IBAN, and Mobile Number) and documentation needed for account opening through a series of straightforward steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding process.

This approach not only enhances the convenience for investors but also significantly benefits brokers as they will receive the verified basic information along with documentation through SCP as compared to the conventional process.

Muhammad Lukman, CEO of NCCPL, emphasized, “NCC SCP empowers investors by providing them with control over their account opening journey efficiently. The portal operates round the clock, ensuring users can access its benefits at their convenience, thereby promoting a dynamic and efficient onboarding environment.”

As per Imran Ahmed Khan, COO of NCCPL, “NCC SCP will enhance the customer experience while streamlining operations. Through the portal customers can efficiently establish their onboarding process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.”

Shafiq Ahmed, CIO of NCCPL, said, “The portal has a user-friendly interface, which enhances customer experience. Its simple design and built-in features empower users with enhanced functionality and efficiency, making account opening more accessible than ever before.”

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ProPK Staff