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3G/4G Users in Pakistan Increase By Over 0.5 Million in May

The number of cellular subscribers in Pakistan increased from 192.19 million by end-April to 192.32 million by end-May 2024. The number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan increased from 132.73 million by end-April to 133.26 million by end-May 2024.

Cellular teledensity — the number of connections for every hundred individuals in the country, decreased from 79.55 percent by end-April to 79.48 percent by end-May 2024, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) data revealed.

The Regulator data revealed that total teledensity also decreased from 80.6 percent by end-April to 80.5 percent by end-May.

Next Generation Mobile Service (NGMS) penetration increased from 54.94 percent by end-April to 55.07 percent by end-May.

Jazz’s total count for 3G users declined from 3.242 million by end-April to 3.145 million by end-May. Jazz 4G users increased from 46.305 million by end-April to 46.547 million by end-May.

Zong 3G subscribers decreased from 2.063 million by end-April to 2.026 million by end-May while the number of 4G users increased from 35.984 million by end-April to 36.220 million by end-May.

Telenor 3G subscribers decreased from 1.834 million by end-April to 1.700 million by end-May while the number of 4G users of Telenor increased from 24.304 million by end-April to 24.419 million by end-May.

Ufone 3G users stood at 2.278 million by end-May compared to 2.326 million by end-April. The number of 4G users of Ufone increased from 15.072 million by end-April to 15.306 million by end-May.

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