Jeet by Aaroh – A Befitting Tribute to Pakistan Super League [Video]

Pakistan Super League is not limited to the cricketing world, international sports stars and exciting matches, as it is broadening its horizon to incredibly diversified dimensions which is unstoppable, eye-opening and memorable on various accounts.

PSL attracted foreign cricket players towards Pakistan. Its remarkable showcase of game spirit has also tempted more renowned players to become part of the exciting event.

Brands, local and international, emerged surprisingly to contribute to the event not only become part of the PSL as team sponsors but they have come up with aggressive marketing and sales campaigns to cash in on the cricket event.

After the accelerated commercial phenomenon at PSL, the world’s fastest emerging cricketing event at this time, glamour also made it ways to the PSL as various showbiz celebrities were taken on board to support different teams.

Cricket, business and glamour all connected to each other at the successful event but there is something missing which is music and it is making its ways at a fast pace.

Jeet Pays Tribute To PSL

The PSL euphoria is gathering momentum and a number of songs have been released. The latest entrant to the cricket mania is a rather melodious and catchy tune by Rock band Aaroh.

Aaroh has just released its brand new single titled “Jeet” on social media. The Song is a foot-tapping pop-rock melody accompanied by a video which is an absolutely befitting tribute to PSL, Cricket, Winning and Pakistan.

The song starts with the catchy phrase Jeet Ban Jayay Apna Nishaan followed by an upbeat riff that gets you from the word go and sets the pace for this hummable tune. With Farooq Ahmed on vocals, Khalid Khan on bass, Jason on drums and Asad ul Hafeez on Guitars, this is yet another amazing track that will leave Aaroh and cricket fans delighted.

According to an official statement by Aaroh,

Cricket runs in our veins. Cricket hamari rug rug mei dorta hai. This is the only brief we had in mind for the video and its hit the nail on the head. We are Pakistani, we love this country and we wanted in our own way to pay tribute to this sport. Cricket has done wonders for Pakistan and its image; from not having any local matches to a point where international players are playing in Pakistan. It played a key role in reviving the national spirit and image. Bringing home The Champions Trophy in gave the entire country a big boost.

This is why we have paid tribute to everyone involved in this game – from players to fans to even the organizers. This song is about passion and winning spirit.

With all the right phrases that are essential to ignite the jazba needed for a cricket match. All in all, it is a must-have on your playlist even if you are the rare Pakistani who won’t be following PSL.

Known for hardcore rock hits like “Raag neela” and “Pyaar Ka Jaal” to unforgettable ballads such as “Na Kaho” and “Ik Chah”, Aaroh emerged on the music scene after winning the first-ever Pepsi Battle of the Bands and reigned for several years before taking a break. They returned in 2017 with music that’s bigger, better and bolder while still holding clear traces of its signature sound with a rocking rendition of Habib Jalib’s famous poem Mein Nahi Manta last year and also appeared on the second season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands.