ProPropertyNewsAttock MCs Face Financial Losses Due to Unresolved Commercial Properties

Attock MCs Face Financial Losses Due to Unresolved Commercial Properties

ATTOCK: The District Planning and Design Committee (DPDC) in Attock district has failed to convene a meeting for over two years, causing significant financial losses to the six municipal committees (MC).

The delay has resulted in the status of over 55 commercial properties being left unresolved and has deprived the MCs of millions of rupees in revenue.

The approval of building plans and development charges for the commercialization of properties in Attock, Jand, Pindigheb, Hazro, Hassanabdal, and Fatehjang could earn the district government up to Rs200 million in revenue.

However, the delay has impacted the salaries of officials from the Jand and Hazro MCs, which were delayed by up to 20 days due to insufficient funds.

Additionally, pensioners from various MCs, especially in Hassanabdal, were denied their pensions for the past two years.

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NGO Chairperson Munnaza Peerzada commented that the premature dissolution of local government bodies in Punjab, including Attock district, has caused significant delays in vital development projects and civic issue resolutions.

The six MCs in Attock have effectively ceased development work due to the lack of interest from administrative officers.

In response, Attock deputy commissioner and administrator of the district council, Rao Atif Raza, stated that frequent changes in district administration had led to the delay in convening the DPDC meeting.

He assured the public that the pending commercialization cases would be presented in the next DPDC meeting for approval, and letters would be issued to the owners of already approved commercial plots.

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