ProPropertyNewsBusiness Community Demands Urgent Anti-Encroachment Operation on Karakoram Highway

Business Community Demands Urgent Anti-Encroachment Operation on Karakoram Highway

MANSEHRA: Shinkiari town and its suburbs have been facing mounting concerns from the local business community as they call for immediate action to tackle concrete and temporary encroachments along the Karakoram Highway (KKH).

The persistent blockages on the highway have adversely affected business activities, leading to frustration among traders and residents alike.

Mazhar Bashir, the president of the traders’ body in Shinkiari, voiced his concerns during a press briefing. He highlighted that the KKH frequently experiences traffic congestion due to the presence of encroachments in the city and its surrounding areas.

Bashir emphasized that despite the National Highway Authority issuing notices to encroachers, no action has been taken thus far due to alleged political pressure.

The impact of these encroachments extends beyond mere traffic disruptions.

According to Bashir, motorists, shoppers, and pedestrians face difficulties moving freely in the local bazaars, hindering daily life and normal business operations.

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He expressed frustration, stating that the entire road network in Shinkiari town has been encroached upon, compounding the challenges faced by the community.

Niaz Mohammad Khan, another concerned trader, called upon the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Baffa-Pakhal to initiate an anti-encroachment operation, emphasizing that the TMA has already issued notices to encroachers.

Khan pointed out that unauthorized bus terminals in the city and its suburbs further exacerbate traffic flow issues.

He criticized the lack of concrete action from the TMA Baffa-Pakhal in removing these hurdles on the KKH.

Khan claimed that despite repeated pleas to the National Highway Authority and TMA Baffa-Pakhal, the business community and locals have yet to witness significant progress in resolving the encroachment issue.

In response, they have decided to take to the streets and stage a protest if the National Highway Authority fails to launch an anti-encroachment operation in the city and its suburbs in the near future.

The demand for an anti-encroachment operation along the Karakoram Highway highlights the urgent need for authorities to address the concerns raised by the business community and residents.

Efforts to remove concrete and temporary encroachments will alleviate traffic congestion and restore normalcy to the daily lives of those residing and working in Shinkiari town and its surroundings.


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