ProPropertyNewsChairman RDA Advises Citizens to Confirm Legal Status of Housing Societies Before Investing

Chairman RDA Advises Citizens to Confirm Legal Status of Housing Societies Before Investing

RAWALPINDI: The residents of Rawalpindi have been warned by the RDA not to invest in unauthorized and unlawful housing projects.

As per the details, the Chairman RDA had encouraged to verify the status of the housing societies at the RDA’s Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate or on the RDA’s official website.

He stated that the RDA conducted raids against unlawful housing developments and that strict legal action was being taken against everyone who violated the laws.

The Chairman said that the Authority consistently pursued violators, including shopping centers, businesses, schools, residential, and commercial development projects, and other encroaching land uses.

Besides, Tariq also urged the residents to avoid investing in unapproved and unlawful housing projects and to first confirm the status of the housing societies before making any decisions.

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According to the RDA spokesperson, the relevant authorities increased RDA’s continuing operations against unlawful structures in November and sealed 31 commercial buildings, filed 9 FIRs, and razed down 3 offices of illegal private housing societies on the Director General’s orders.

Furthermore, on Shahpur Syedan Road in Rawalpindi, RDA shut down 11 commercial buildings and dismantled 5 commercial development sites.

While conducting an operation against unlicensed and unlawful commercial structures, the Land Use and Building Control (LU&BC) Wing RDA also pursued legal action against violators of building laws.

The spokesman added that Countryside Farms, an unlawful private house development located at Moza Raatyal, Mohra Koyain, Chak Beli Khan Road, Rawat, Rawalpindi, had also had its boundary wall dismantled by the MP&TE Directorate.

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