ProPropertyNewsCivic Agency Explores Proposals of Railway Extension in Islamabad

Civic Agency Explores Proposals of Railway Extension in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The civic agency in Islamabad is currently evaluating a proposal to extend the operation of the railway from Margallah Railway Station to Khayaban-e-Johar Bus Station at 9th Avenue.

The proposal highlights the advantages of the railway as a green mode of transport, emphasizing its cost-effectiveness, capacity to carry more passengers, shorter travel time, and reduced pollution compared to road transport.

Furthermore, efforts are underway to enhance the operational facilities at Margallah Railway Station and integrate them with road transport.

Additionally, the process of identifying suitable land for the main bus terminal is in progress.

Currently, Islamabad lacks a proper bus terminal, leading to the establishment of illegal intercity bus stands along IJP Road.  These stands not only violate the city’s master plan but also fail to provide comfort to passengers.

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The construction of Margalla Avenue aims to separate the urban area from the Margalla Hills and provide a bypass route for traffic traveling from the city to Peshawar and the northern areas, connecting with GT Road.

An official stated that discussions are already underway with a Chinese company to evaluate the proposal for developing a modern Light Rail Transit (LRT) project in the federal capital.

The plan includes connecting Margallah Railway Station with the road network to enhance passenger convenience.

Besides, the proposal emphasizes that the LRT project in Islamabad could accommodate 8,000 to 20,000 passengers per hour, with each unit capable of carrying 350-700 passengers at a time.

Furthermore, other routes have also been identified to connect all areas of Islamabad and with Rawalpindi.

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