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F9 Park’s Citizen Club to be Made Functional, Open to Public

The Captial Development Authority has decided to make the Gandhara Heritage and Culture and Convention Centre in F-9 Citizen Club functional.

For this purpose, CDA has added three private members to the management committee which will run the convention center.

For a couple of years now, the F9 Park’s Citizen Club has remained under the ministry of health as one of the Capital’s largest Covid-19 vaccination centers.

Presently, the building is housing security personnel stationed in the capital as part of security for Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) long march.

As soon as the three new names are approved by the federal cabinet, CDA plans to put the convention center into operation.

The Club Building

The covered space of the citizen club, which spans 22 acres, is 265,000 square feet. The structure has amenities like dining options, an indoor pool, a gym, a lobby, an aerobics room, and a fitness center.

The CDA began work on the club building project in 2008, however, once the structure was finished, the Supreme Court decided that the building could not be used as a club.

Last year, CDA decided that the convention center would be managed by a board of governors as it approved rules for it.

A board of governors will run the center, according to guidelines established by the CDA board in October of last year.

The center would be utilized to host meetings, exhibits, and provide sporting facilities, including a gym, according to the CDA.

The center will also contain a museum that showcases the Gandhara culture in addition to other club amenities.

No Compulsory Membership

The board agreed last year that while citizens might use the facilities, there would be no requirement for a mandatory membership.

The citizen will, however, pay for the facility they use.

A one-time/lifetime membership will also be offered, costing Rs 500,000, with a monthly subscription fee of Rs 2,500.

As per documents, the general public can also pay a monthly subscription fee for each facility they use, including:

  • Swimming (Rs. 5,000 per month)
  • Tennis (Rs. 12,000 per month)
  • Gym (Rs. 12,000 per month)

A security deposit of Rs. 50 000 will also be required from the citizens, according to the documents.


Source: Dawn

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