ProPropertyNewsHundreds of People Scammed in Housing Loans

Hundreds of People Scammed in Housing Loans

KARACHI: A number of individuals have been scammed by fraudsters who stole their money in the shape of housing and car loans.

According to a cybercrime report, the suspects scam victims by offering them cheap houses and vehicles through fake e-commerce websites.

It is important to mention that suspects use names of renowned websites to scam the victims.

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Additionally, after the victim pays a considerable amount in the shape of a down payment, the suspects then start using several scamming tactics to delay the contract and then vanish within a few hours or days.

Furthermore, a victim named Azhar Abbas Naqvi has also shared that around 716 individuals have lost their money in the scams, however, 200 FIRs have been registered.

The details have also disclosed that the case was at first in the High Court and later was transferred to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in 2021, yet not a single suspect has been captured.

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