ProPropertyNewsImran Khan’s Banigala House Yet to be Formally Regularized

Imran Khan’s Banigala House Yet to be Formally Regularized

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has confirmed that the residence of the former prime minister Imran Khan in Banigala is not yet formally regularized.

Despite paying a fee of PKR 1.2 million for regularization on March 3, 2020, and the Supreme Court of Pakistan issuing directives to regularize the house, the building plans have only been approved conditionally due to changes in the master plan commission.

The CDA stated in an official response that due to these changes, they have not yet hired a consultant to address the issues and requirements holistically for the entire area.

According to official documents, Khan had informed the CDA that his house had a covered area of 1,371.09 square feet on the ground floor.

The CDA had charged a fee of PKR 1,206,000 for the ground floor without the approval of charges for the building construction.

However, the regularization of the entire layout of the 300-Kanal house is subject to meeting other conditions specified in Clause 8.22 of the ICT Building Control Rules (BCR) 2020.

Even after meeting these conditions, the approval will only be granted on the recommendations of a consultant hired by the CDA.

The CDA also stated that as of now, there were no additional charges on account of construction without approval, as the applicable charges had already been received.

The CDA also mentioned that they would approach all those whose building plans have been approved conditionally in case any further requirements are necessary in light of the final report of the Master Plan Commission and the consultant hired.

It is important to note that the former premier had previously written a letter to the chief justice, drawing attention to illegal constructions and municipal lawlessness in Banigala.

The CDA had then informed the Supreme Court that Khan’s own house was illegal, leading to the court’s order to regularize the houses in the area, including Khan’s.

Furthermore, other notable individuals, including Tariq Fatemi, Brig Waseem Iftikhar Cheema, and Ihsan Ghani have also approached the CDA to benefit from the Supreme Court’s order and get their houses in Banigala regularized.

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