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Islamabad High Court’s New Building Faces Delayed Completion

ISLAMABAD: The relocation process of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) was supposed to start during the last week of December, however, the contractor missed the deadline for turning over the property for several reasons.

The sources reveal that it is likely that the IHC may relocate to a new building on Constitution Avenue in G-5 next month, owing to the completion of the development work.

As per the details, multiple factors in the delay of construction piled up, including a delay in the supply of equipment linked to information technology (IT).

However, the IHC administration would begin moving records to the new facility after the installation of the essential machinery, furniture, and other devices by the end of the next month.

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It is worth mentioning that the allocation of 5 acres for the IHC building received approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in 2012.

Before, in April 2015, suspicions related to lack of transparency in the pre-qualification of the contracting firm “Interhome” caused the construction work on the new IHC building to stall.

The contract was canceled because the firm did not follow the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority’s (PEPRA) guidelines.

The district courts were supposed to be housed in the facility in G-10 where the IHC is currently operating while it is also anticipated that the Sessions Division (East) of Islamabad would receive the current IHC building.

The sessions division (West) of Islamabad would likely be shifted to the newly-built District Court Complex in a couple of months as the building is being furnished these days.

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