ProPropertyNewsLabour Union of CDA Organizes Rally to Honor Armed Forces Martyrs

Labour Union of CDA Organizes Rally to Honor Armed Forces Martyrs

ISLAMABAD: The Labour Union of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) held a rally within the premises of the civic authority to express solidarity with the martyrs of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

Led by the General Secretary of the CDA union, Chaudhry Yasin, the rally commenced at the CDA headquarters and concluded at Aabpara Chowk in sector G-7.

Furthermore, the participation of various individuals included Aurangzeb Khan, Raja Shakir Zaman Kiani, Sufi Mahmood Ali, Ali Asghar Mani Butt, Shoukat Ali Anjum, and representatives from organizations such as Pakistan Workers Federation and OGDCL Union, as well as CDA employees.

During the rally, slogans were raised in support of Pakistan’s Armed Forces as a tribute to the sacrifices made by their martyrs for the nation.

Addressing the rally participants, Chaudhry Yasin highlighted the significance of declaring May 25th as Martyrs’ Day in Pakistan’s history.

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He emphasized that this observance serves as a reminder of how our martyrs laid down their lives to protect the country.

Additionally, he further expressed gratitude to the martyrs and their families for their sacrifices, acknowledging the vital role played by the armed forces in defending the country’s borders and giving their lives in service.

He stated that the significant turnout at the rally demonstrated that participants were not only showing solidarity with the armed forces but also condemning the acts of vandalism witnessed on May 9th.

Yasin went on to state that such illegal and atrocious acts, targeting defense installations, were part of a larger external conspiracy.

The rally concluded with prayers for the martyrs of the country who sacrificed their lives for the security and independence of Pakistan.

Source: The Nation

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