ProPropertyNewsLahore Authorities Intensify Efforts Against Encroachment, Issue Notices to Commercial Properties

Lahore Authorities Intensify Efforts Against Encroachment, Issue Notices to Commercial Properties

LAHORE: In a determined move to tackle the encroachment issue, the Commissioner Lahore and DG Lahore Development Authority (LDA), has initiated a comprehensive campaign across the city.

As part of this ongoing effort, legal action is being taken on nine model highways, while notices have been issued to more than 80 commercial properties along Jail Road Main Boulevard. The strict enforcement of parking rules will also be a priority in the endeavor.

Under the directions of the Lahore Commissioner and DGLDA, this initiative aims to reclaim public spaces and ensure smooth traffic flow within the city. Encroachments on major highways have long been a concern, leading to congestion and inconvenience for commuters. By taking legal action, the authorities seek to address this issue and restore order to the city’s thoroughfares.

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Alongside combating encroachment, the authorities are also emphasizing the implementation of environmentally friendly measures.

They have provided guidelines for rooftop gardening, installation of solar panels, and plantation to promote sustainable practices. These measures aim to enhance the city’s green spaces and reduce its carbon footprint.

In order to execute the campaign effectively, the Lahore Development Authority’s (LDA) Town Planning Zone One has taken proactive measures. LDA teams have been mobilized to ensure the proper implementation of court orders and to oversee the enforcement of the initiatives undertaken.

By actively engaging in these efforts, the LDA seeks to create a positive and sustainable environment for the residents of Lahore.

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