ProPropertyNewsLDA Launches Operation to Clear Encroachments on Abdul Haq Road

LDA Launches Operation to Clear Encroachments on Abdul Haq Road

LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has launched a major operation to tackle encroachments and restore parking spaces on Abdul Haq Road, stretching from Doctors Hospital to Khokhar Chowk via G-I Market in Johar Town.

During the operation, the LDA team took action against businesses that violated building laws, rules, and regulations, as well as those that had encroached upon public spaces.

The details suggest that a total of 20 business premises were sealed as a result.

Moreover, the team removed extended shades, structures, additional floors, and other encroachments that were causing inconvenience to pedestrians and motorists.

These encroachments not only disrupted the smooth flow of traffic but also contributed to environmental pollution.

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As part of the operation, over 35 shop sheds, boards, and outside floors were demolished, ensuring the restoration of public space.

Additionally, more than 20 properties were sealed due to their violation of rules and regulations.

Besides, encroachments were also removed from various establishments, including bakeries, renowned brands, pharmacy stores, banks, and restaurants.

According to an LDA spokesperson, prior notices had been issued to commercial properties along the road, providing them with ample opportunity to rectify their violations.

However, actions were taken against those who ignored the warnings and failed to comply with the necessary measures despite repeated reminders.

Source: DAWN

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