ProPropertyNewsLDA Takes Action to Curb Violations of Bylaws in Private Housing Schemes

LDA Takes Action to Curb Violations of Bylaws in Private Housing Schemes

LAHORE: Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has established a working group to investigate the increasing number of violations of building bylaws and other regulations within private housing societies located in the LDA’s jurisdiction.

In a notification issued on March 20, 2023, the LDA DG announced the formation of the group to review and recommend changes to existing laws and regulations.

The working group will focus on enhancing the enforcement mechanisms, specifically on the justification of DEM (PHS), and will evaluate the overall monitoring and enforcement of illegal housing schemes.

It will also suggest a regulatory framework to address the problem of developers overselling plots and propose a mechanism for monitoring and managing developed housing societies in the post-development phase.

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Additionally, the group will examine the management structure of high-rise buildings and propose management rules that are favorable to residents.

Moreover, the working group will seek input from representatives of ABAD, Private Housing Societies, and experts and is expected to submit its report within a week.

The notification directed the working group to recommend improvements to the current enforcement regime, as well as ways to ensure fair management of developed housing societies and high-rise buildings.

Besides, the working group comprises senior LDA officials, including the Additional DG (Housing) as Convener, Director DG Headquarters, Chief Metropolitan Officer, Chief Town Planner, Director Master Planning, Director Law (High Court), and Senior Legal Advisor.

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