ProPropertyNewsMarble City Karachi Expects $50Mn in Investment

Marble City Karachi Expects $50Mn in Investment

KARACHI: Special Assistant to Chief Minister, Sindh Syed Qasim Naveed Qamar, has shared that the Marble City Karachi is planned to span over 300 acres and expects investments of $50 million.

In this regard, a roadshow was held in Karachi which was attended by 500 local and international investors.

It was shared that the MCK will be located near the Karachi northern bypass, offering cutting-edge infrastructure.

Additionally, it has great significance in terms of business prospects and will have easy access to the ports of Karachi.

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During the event the CEO of Sindh Economic Zones Management Company, Abdul Aleem Uqaili said that the project would uplift the marble and granite industry along with several other industries.

The project will be a purpose-built industrial zone that is safe and offers enhanced facilities to the combined industries.

A report shared by the Planning Commission of Pakistan states that around 80 percent of the raw marble is exported to China.

On the other hand, European countries as well as the USA, Russia, Japan, and Korea demand finished marble products which make for less than 10 percent of the exports.

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