ProPropertyNewsMinistry of Climate Change Pushes for Climate Resilient Housing for Pakistan

Ministry of Climate Change Pushes for Climate Resilient Housing for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: According to a climate change ministry official, Pakistan requires foreign financial support to establish plans for climate-resilient housing developments as well as contingency and mitigation during natural and climatic disasters.

Given that Pakistan has one of the highest catastrophe risk levels in the world, there is a need for climate-resilient housing units, especially for the poor, the official added.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Pakistan receives a 4.8 for physical infrastructure and a 4.0 for reducing catastrophe risk.

According to the Inform Risk Index 2023, Pakistan is ranked 24th out of 191 countries and has one of the highest levels of catastrophe risk in the world, influenced by 3 factors: susceptibility, exposure to risks, and coping skills.

Climate-smart housing must be built to fulfill the demand for housing as it will promote social cohesiveness, environmental protection, and climatic resilience, according to the official.

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It is important to note that clay, red, and hollow bricks make up the majority of Pakistan’s construction sector because no suitable actions have been done for heating and cooling in summers/winters and the conservation pattern is still weak in comparison to other nations.

Furthermore, the key stakeholders still require awareness and capacity-building programs on building codes and climate, and disaster-resilient design, the official suggested.

Additionally, he stated that the country required climate-smart housing because of the frequency of climate change events, unchecked urbanization, housing shortages, and declining social capital.

The source also stated that the federal government, provincial governments, and housing authorities were prepared to collaborate to create climate-smart homes, but needed financial assistance from the international community for this purpose.

According to the official, the government would create a National Resilient Development Program that will assist in formulating laws and policies to adapt both new and current policies.

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