ProPropertyNewsPak-PWD Renovates Over 2,000 Residences in Islamabad

Pak-PWD Renovates Over 2,000 Residences in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Over the past five years, the Pakistan Public Works Department (PWD), Ministry of Housing and Works, has refurbished and renovated 2,074 houses and apartments in various parts of Islamabad.

An official in the ministry informed that the Pakistan Public Works Department (PWD) had completed rehabilitation work on up to 1,107 apartments and houses while carrying on around 967 civil projects of various types.

The Ministry owns up to 5,253 houses and apartments, ranging in category from I to V, spread around the federal capital, according to the source.

In response to a query, he stated that the Pakistan Secretariat Islamabad’s renovation and reconstruction were under the purview of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and as a result, no money has been used to renovate the ministry.

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He said that in allocating funds, the Finance Division had already reduced the budget, therefore, no money had been turned over to the finance division, and the general section had used all of the money set aside under the relevant heads for 2021–22.

According to the official, the PWD has begun notifying those who have been assigned government housing in Sector I-9/4 regarding the payment of electricity bills for water motors placed in residential blocks.

He claimed that the Finance Division had allocated money in the appropriate users’ heads of accounts for the payment of utilities, and that users were responsible for paying the utility bills for all residential accommodations, including hostels, rest houses, and judicial residences.

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