ProPropertyNewsPresident ICCI Urges CDA to Develop G-9 on Modern Lines

President ICCI Urges CDA to Develop G-9 on Modern Lines

ISLAMABAD: Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, president of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), stated that the ICCI will collaborate with the FBR and CDA to handle the tax problems and construction projects in G-9 Markaz Islamabad.

He added that the chamber was working to find solutions to the major problems facing the business community so that they may be helped in marketing their commercial endeavors.

In order to address the long-standing problem of market merchants, he said that the CDA had chosen a location in G-9 Markaz for the development of a parking plaza, urging the civic body to begin work on this significant project.

According to sources, at an oath-taking ceremony for the newly elected office bearers of the Traders Welfare Association, G-9 Markaz, he spoke as a guest and shared these opinions.

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According to Bakhtawari, work is now being done on the G-9 Markaz filtration facility, and CDA will be contacted first to address the sewage issue and other development projects at G-9 Markaz.

He said that the unity among the traders of G-9 Markaz was unprecedented as with unity and consensus, the traders could get their problems resolved effectively.

Raja Javed Iqbal, President of the Traders Welfare Association G-9 Markaz, spoke at the event and noted that Ahsan Bakhtawari, a talented business leader had assumed control of the affairs of the ICCI, which was encouraging for the business community.

He declared that the merchants of G-9 Markaz and his association would constantly work with the ICCI to resolve the problems facing the trading community.

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