ProPropertyNewsRDA Empowered to Regulate Private Housing Societies in Rawalpindi District

RDA Empowered to Regulate Private Housing Societies in Rawalpindi District

RAWALPINDI: In a significant move, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the District Council, granting the RDA the responsibility of managing private housing societies and granting building approvals.

To ensure a smooth transition, a five-member committee has been formed to finalize the details of this arrangement.

According to a senior official from the district administration, the rapid growth of housing societies in the district has raised concerns.

To address this issue, it was decided to consolidate the authority and regulatory functions under one civic body.

Last week, a meeting was held with Deputy Commissioner Dr. Hassan Waqar Cheema, who also serves as the District Council administrator, to resolve this ongoing matter.

The committee, consisting of representatives from RDA, Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation, and District Council, has been tasked with finalizing the terms and conditions for transferring the functions related to private housing societies and Building Control from the District Council to the RDA.

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The official emphasized that the Rawalpindi District Council will provide the RDA with relevant data and human resources necessary for the smooth operation of this new arrangement.

Starting on June 25, the RDA will officially assume the responsibilities of managing private housing societies in the local government areas when the District Council administrator delegates the powers to the development authority.

Until the MoU is finalized, the RDA does not have the legal authority to oversee the affairs of private housing societies in the district or take legal action against any illegal societies, schemes, or constructions.

Previously, the RDA believed that its role regarding private housing schemes had been limited after the notification of the Housing Scheme Rules-2022 by the local government and community development department.

However, it was clarified that under Section 23 of the Local Govt Act 2022, the local government can delegate its functions to the development authority.

Besides, the RDA and local governments have already initiated the necessary correspondence to finalize the MoU.

Source: DAWN

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