ProPropertyNewsStakeholders of Sindh Discuss Plan to Revamp Destroyed Infrastructure amid Torrential Rains

Stakeholders of Sindh Discuss Plan to Revamp Destroyed Infrastructure amid Torrential Rains

A 17-member MQM team led by Khawaja Izhar met with Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah at the CM House to discuss infrastructure repair and restoration in Karachi and Hyderabad devastated by recent severe rains.

MQM leader Khawaja Izhar informed the CM that the torrential rains had wreaked havoc on Karachi and Hyderabad’s infrastructure.

He further stated that craters had formed on the roadways and that the sewage system has also been damaged.

According to Khawaja Izhar, the flow of traffic in both the cities of Karachi and Hyderabad has become a nightmare as a result of damaged roads and drainage systems.

The chief minister informed the MQM delegation that his administration had already set aside Rs 5. billion for the upkeep and repair of the city’s roads and sewage infrastructure.

He further stated that the cabinet had granted another Rs 1.5 billion to fix damaged road and drainage lines along the route of the city’s seven Peoples Bus Service, which was just started.

The assembly, according to Syed Murad Ali Shah, has also authorized a separate budget for road repairs in Hyderabad.

The CM further stated that he had asked all deputy commissioners to analyze the losses and damages caused by severe rains to life, property/houses, and crops so that appropriate action may be taken to assist the people.

He gave the visiting group his word that ‘repair and revamp’ would soon begin in both cities.

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