• that’s a good news initially i thought that these sims are imported from different countries

  • My iPhone (Unlocked) doesn’t accept Telenor SIM.. It’s fine with other cellular networks…Can I have any specific SIM? Any solution?

    • go to telenor franchise and get a duplicate sim hope it will work

      • I visited all franchises and only one SIM worked…and that too was his (CSR) own… I ported in to Mobilink then but I still wish if Telenor can help me retaining the network on special basis. :)

    • aamir7

      Check with Telenor’s service center for any possible solution.

      • Hassan Anwar

        Check out second comment…..

    • sana

      Telenor sims works absolutely perfect with all iphone models. I am enjoying it :)

  • Shahid Saleem

    I don’t understand how they can be cheaper and the same quality if created locally. Has no one ever heard of “economy of scale”??? Companies that can make 1 million SIMS a month will probably pay more for raw materials than companies that can make 1 million SIMS a week.

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  • AAA

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