In operation since 2008, ProPakistani is an industry leader in exclusive content relating to Pakistan’s telecom and broadband industry. With experienced staff reporting on telecom, broadband, information technology, startups, government policies and regulations, ProPakistani has become the authoritative source for all things related to IT in Pakistan.

ProPakistani has this distinction of breaking more stories in Telecom sector than any other publication house in the country. Be it the top trending news, or the inside scoops, interviews, market trends, analysis, comparative features, product reviews, How to Do’s, tutorials – we have covered it all. With over 5,000 news items, ProPakistani has not left any stone unturned to bring the latest to its readers.

Our Reach

ProPakistani reaches a huge audience – we serve over a million unique readers per month and they range from students to telecom professionals to journalists to industry leaders to information seekers being dropped by Google.

With 400,000 weekly newsletter subscribers and over 40,000 daily newsletter subscribers – ProPakistani reaches every concerned person in the telecom and broadband industry.

Our highly focused audience comprises of regulators, cellular companies, WLL, LDI operators, ISPs, infrastructure vendors, telecom consultants, analysts, distributors, sellers and retailers.


Throughout, ProPakistani remained intact with its commitment to bring

  • To promote Pakistan’s Telecom and IT industry by providing a transparent picture of the industry for a better environment and Developed Pakistan.
  • Unbiased Reporting; supported by facts and figures instead of fiction.
  • To Inform & Educate readers by notifying them about latest cellular packages, tutorials, telecom FAQs, reviews, tips, tricks and anything related to Telecom and IT.
  • To Protect Consumer rights by shining a light on elements that violate consumer laws.

Who’s Behind ProPakistani?

Aamir Attaa – Founder

ProPakistani is managed by Aamir Attaa, who happens to be the founder of this blog as well. He is a Data Network expert by profession; along with this he has also tasted journalism, Internet marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

He holds a special eye for Telecom industry, and has been actively reporting about Telecom for last 3 years.

Syed Talal – Editor

Syed Talal is the Editor of ProPakistani. He manages the day to day operations of the blog and is particularly enthusiastic about Pakistani startups and local ICT developments.


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