PTA increases UAN Charges by 100 Times

‘The News’ today reported that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has increased the annual fee for UAN numbers from PKR. 5,000 to PKR 500,000. Increment in annual charges is accompanied by new procedure for acquiring UAN numbers, says ‘The News’

It merits mentioning here that UAN (universal access numbers) are nine digit numbers, starting with 111 is a value added service that was initiated by PTCL in 1996. However, latter on, after de-regulation in 2002 PTA took over the control and started allocating the UAN numbers to many of businesses, airlines, banks, non-profits, government institutes and others. Businesses, through UAN numbers, can entertain multiple lines, with a single access number to meet increasing customers’ demands.

PTA, through a notification said that UAN numbers would be allocated in 6 categories, named as A to F. PTA says that category D, E and F UAN numbers will be allocated only after the following auction procedures, however other categories would be allotted on first come first serve basis.

‘The News’ suggests that Category D, E and F will include commonly used UAN numbers.

It is further noted that, current UAN number holders will have to pay their next annual fee under new pricing structure, however, it is forecasted that many of existing users, would not be able to pay this much of annual fee.

This step by PTA is surly going to damage businesses and the way they plan their communication means. PTA has forcefully started playing games with masses. Firstly current UAN number holders will withdraw their numbers (as they won’t be able to pay their dues) then PTA will sell out these freed numbers by auction.

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