Ufone Ghanta Package for Hourly Calls in the Day

Ufone offers Ghata Package, with somewhat similar rates of its Ramada Offer, with some additional rates and daily subscription fee as well. With Ghanta Package, Ufone customers can call one hour at Rs. 7.25 per on Ufone to Ufone calls between 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Customers will have to pay daily subscription fee of Rs. 4.84 per day.

Due to increased tariff and daily subscription fee, customers may hesitate to use Ufone’s Ghanta Package – but still, for those who get engaged in long calls will capitalize it.

How to Change Package

Dial 444 to activate this package today and enjoy calling at the lowest rates for the longest time.

Ufone Ghanta Package tariff details

Discount Hours
(11 AM – 5 PM)
Rest of the day
Onnet calls

Rs. 7.25 / hour

Rs. 1.21 / minute

Offnet calls

Rs. 1.94 / minute

Rs. 1.94 / minute

Onnet SMS :       Rs. 0.61 / SMS
Offnet SMS :     Rs. 1.21 / SMS
Daily Subscription Charge :     Rs. 4.84 / day

Note: All Prices are inclusive of all taxes


  • No late night discount will be available on this package.
  • FnF will not be available on this package.
  • Voice bucket will not be available on this package.

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  • I would like to say that including me everyone of us (specially youngsters) wants those packages from cellular companies who don’t charge daily subscription fees…. Like ZONG’s HAPPY HOUR SYSTEM…

  • and also not good due to

    # FnF will not be available on this package.
    # Voice bucket will not be available on this package.


  • its not good we have a short time to talk than we cannot avail free min.in rs.90.public demand is a good for us . thanx

    • i want to sale my numbers.03335517447,03215571447,03445571447,03005571447,03145571447 if u r in khan pur than i will give u 0685571447. plz contact at my cel no;03006726800,03326726800.

  • yr plz anyone can clear that if any day there is Rs4 aren’t in my account than whats happen or also in those type of packages like u-circle n others

  • It’s good but not,due to its daily charges.but still it’s good for lovers,who wants to talk long.

  • 5 ka ghanta not acceptable because of its daily deduction its too much it should not be more than 1 rupe daily and per hour call charges inclusive of all tax should be 5.

  • Its a good deal but the deduction of daily charges of Rs.4 is too much 1 or Rs.2 is enough. and u do,nt tell that if thr is no balane in account so wht should be happend? So think about my suggestion deeply

  • tamam logon ki baaton ka koi faida nahi hai.Bcoz ufone ko jo RATe denay hotay hain wo aap ko ham ko mannay parengay.is liye tamam batoon ka koi hasil hosol nahi.

  • Remarks : Ufone is committed to provide the highest standard of service that why i cnvrt my 2 sims from tlenr to u also my msny students cnvrt there sims but there are many many lot of prpblums of bad networking latest is we cant rec delivery reports and all other networks gave delivery reports so we keave ufone for ever

  • its unbelievably problematic package in a sense that there is always a network problem due to which the calls r dropped within 5 minutes whats the benefit of this package then?
    and daily charges r too much there should be 2 rupees per day then its ok

  • UFone is just is using tricky marketing tactics. what if Ufone have charged flat rates of 8 or 10 rupees per one call inclusive every thing.If I do not make any ghanta call for 2 weeks, then y should i pay any charges like daily charges

  • This is very bad for its daily charges.me and every people are ignoree the ufone sim.becuse the deduction of daily charges and poor network.

  • It’s okay, but the daily charges shoud remove for ghanta pakege ,otherwise less no of people well use .

    thanks to ufone for this packege but it will better that daily charges is finish or timing 09;00am to 7;00pm for RAMADAN mubarak

  • ufone se acha to jazz hai, ramzan or us k baad k liye package nikala 3.99 per hour..from 9am to 7pm……….
    what a package! thats why i use jazz

  • ufone shud increase tim of ghanta pakage n daily charges shud finish . . . due to dis more pepl will use dis connection.

  • please yar ab tu hadhi kar
    k balance k bhi charges ho gai hain
    kuch tu khayal karo






  • p.t.a nay is silsilay main q action nhn lia k companies 10 paisay charge kur rahee hain jub k ye hi companies awam ko bewaqoof bana rahee hain , kq jub hum card load kurtay hain to 10 % withholding tax k saath satah 5 percent mazeed paisay katay jatay hain SERVICE CHARGES k naam pay to main ye pochta hoon beghairat PTA se k kia balance maloom kurna service charges main nhn aata ??????

  • ufone se achhi koi b cellular company pakistan main hai he nahi.
    I Love ufone . I apriciate to all ufone staf.
    long live u fone.
    Aamir from RawalPindi

  • I like supper ghanta package but i dont like daily charges. It should be changed. Or less then Rs 3.50 daily charges. It should be Rs 3.50 inculuded tax .

  • i think this pkgs are only for those who r stupid bcz they waste there precious time to talk 1 hour to each other so that our country is behind others 03334624454 and 03014936172 if any one want to discuss about that topic these are my numbers well come u all

  • h! yaar ab bus karho phale say to ab thek hai phale to ap loog 100 ka card lord karwate thay phir bat karte thay ab 5 ka lord bus ufone is a bast network!tum he to ho!03432172221!ey

  • ha ha ha ! dring the day no one is free to talk to us than what is the benefits of these day packages we want night packages and ghanta package not minute packages

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