2008 in Review – A Mobile User's View Point

Guest Post by Nayni

Year 2008 is offering its last days to color it either with sorrow or joy. Everyone has a lot to talk about his experiences of this very year at all social, political and personal level. Like all other sectors, telecom sector is being viewed from different angles. I humbly accept that I know least about this sector. I am just a ‘user’, a person who is only interested to know about which company is the best service provider, which offers inexpensive calling rates and attractive packages.

I am sure that much professional analysis about the progress of Telecom Industry must be in queue. I, here, want to record my analysis, observation and concerns as a user.

In 2008 I never showed any regret about having a mobile phone. With each passing day I kept on hearing ‘great’ news about more and more reduction in calling rates. My bill cut to half as the result of growing competition in different companies. Inbox of my mobile always kept me smiling – of course my family and friends were also enjoying the ‘generosity’ of Ufone, Warid , Mobilink, Telenor and Zong. Second half of this year amazingly showed a considerable decrease in ‘wrong’ calls – Thanks to PTA that managed to have a check on SIMS with no ‘guardians’. I also observed better customer service, though I still hate to hear the ‘promotion packages’. Last but not least, who can forget the ‘sophisticated’ and ‘colorful’ war of these companies through advertisements on TV?
Also i want to mention that i don’t spend anymore on my dial-up internet, thanks to PTCL, and by the way i am planning to get this Free Broadband offer from PTCL ; – )

Undoubtedly, this year was of ‘gains’ for telecom sector.

While sharing my good experiences I cannot forget to mention some of the concerns, especially of mothers. I’ve heard many of mothers complaining that their children are not performing well in studies because late night they enjoy ‘night packages’ and are unable to attend their lessons in schools/collages attentively. Even in their study hours at home, they keep themselves busy in sending SMS to their friends that distract their attention and concentration from the studies. Teenagers have also found guilty of having things in their mobiles that they should not have otherwise. These are the issues that need to be addressed in time.

I hope things will keep on improving and we will enjoy a more friendly, cooperative and user-oriented outlook of all cellular companies in 2009.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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