Cellular Companies Join the Spammers Club!

mobile_spamCellular Companies in Pakistan, in order to cut short its advertising expense; they have started promotion their services and new promotions through SMS. As we may see a notable decrease in print and Electronic Media advertisings, number of promotion SMS sent to each customer has dramatically increased.

There are few instances in which a cellular companies sent upto 6 text messages a day to its client.

According to Wikipedia: “Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages”. This definition clearly describes what spam is.

Now companies directly send messages about their new offerings and promotions. Personally I’m a little annoyed by these messages as these promotion messages may arrive at wrong time. By the way, customers may tolerate once a week but upto 6 messages daily, it is surely spamming.

I am a customer of Warid Telecom. And daily I get bombarded with new packages offerings, caller tune activation details, W zone sign up offer and the funniest message that I got today is:

“Dial 555 & get hot Bipasha Basu wallpapers, top ring tones, celebrity pictures & more Rs.5t/m.”

Cellular companies are trying to save their advertisements spending and rather getting more personal with the customers. In the above message the usage of word HOT is just to make teenagers more eager to dial 555. But it is ethically wrong to use such words and target a certain demograph. There won’t be any wonder if we see word “Sexy” in place of HOT, in near future.

These small tactics may increase revenue for sure but they are ethically very poor and immoral.

Wateen Telecom in another front, has been spamming blogs and forums with irrelevant and promotional messages as comments. ProPakistani.com receive at least a dozen comments each day with almost identical promotion messages from wateen folks. So my suggestion to them is to stop spamming, instead get involved in discussion and you may give your company’s url at the end. There are 100 percent chances that you will be liked if you are participating some role in discussiosn or if you are solving problems and queries of Wateen users.

What you say, should companies be allowed SMS advertising which is actually spamming? Do you get annoyed by such messages? Please share your thoughts with us!