China Mobile's Intelligent Investments

China mobile stood first in the top 10 mobile cellular brands ranking for 2008 and in Top 100 rankings (all industries) it is on 5th position for the same year.

It is without dubiousness, as we can believe PTA’s report that Zong has shown 289% growth rate for cellular subscribers in year 2008, while the same report said that China Mobile invested US 200 million dollars in year 2007/08; this is not only surprising but unexpectedly amazing.


cellular_investment_pakistaWhile having this much investment they are having excellent customized bases products and services for customers. Whereas, having market share of 4% china mobile has built almost 2328 cell sites, in which old (Paktel) cell sites are also being utilized for their current GSM network.

It’s been discussed many times before, that Zong is targeting market very intelligently. But I think they must increase their focus towards massive advertisement rolling out plans. Zong must develop brand ambassadors for promoting its products and services and network infrastructure development at massive level.

An increment in ads minutes on TV will not only increases their brand image and affiliation but also it will help them for new acquisitions.

There are good chanced that Zong is holding investments to eye expected emergence of 3G licenses and then 3G network launch 2009.

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