PTCL's SMART TV Website Got Hacked

New in the series, this time PTCL’s SMART TV’s website: got hacked.

This is PTCL’s IPTV portal… Google’s cached page is available here or here

Note: Website has been down for more than 12 hours, and apparently PTCL guys are still thinking to take any action!

Update: is not being pinged.


Credit: Latif Shah for notifying me about this!

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • i though 12345 is the port of netbus!! but lol is not :(
    bro good work!!! tell us little abt it!!
    how did u upload the trojan!!!

  • lolz…. i attacked through telnet, the OS was SunOs… you can perform a Nmap scan on the IP lolz… this server worth 1 Crore 23 Lakhs…. :D and i can destroy it in just 2 minutes… But …. We Love PAKISTAN :P …. i uploaded trojan using SSH … and its like RootKit :D

  • Well… that is quite interesting part… i attacked through telnet using the SunOS Default username and password which was not changed … due to which… i exploited the whole system… they using Oracle over it :D

  • nice bro!!!
    hey em using ptcl shiro,i hav enabled SSH(OPENSSH 3.6P1)
    i dont know the default login!!!
    can u tell me wat is the default user n pass
    THX again!!!

  • Well [email protected], i am working on , everybody, login to there server using , bugreport as username and password: something , enjoy!! Hack them if you can i m providing u the username and password… :D login through ftp. :D happy h4x0ring….

  • hello
    can anyone tell me
    wat is the default login user,pass
    of telnet,SSH of SHIRO & AZTECH!! ROUTERS?
    thx w8ing for reply

  • @ p4r4d!$3 :

    u know em talking abt telnet,ssh ;)

    so kindly help me out!!!

    anyways thx! for reply

  • @RIZWAN ,

    LOLZ….. better to do sumthing abt that first you shud enable the remote control option in router to access it….
    or else.. :-|

  • yeah!! i hav enabled my router telnet n ssh!!!
    kindly do me a favor abt login info of
    telnet n ssh
    thx again ;)

  • are you sure you enabled the remote control option if yes then the method is open SSH using PutTy or some else program then type the ip address , the default is then use the default username and password as you use to access your router via web browser, and you will be there.. Hope it helps.!!

  • yeah!!! my ssh port is open!!!
    but when i try to connect to it!! (with PUTTY)
    it says ACCESS DENIED!!!
    thx again :)

  • i dont know whats going on, i can access my router, whats your ip address let me check it if you can trust!! :-| or else… you have to do it your self…

  • Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.

    Dude it means IP is dead!! :-( …….

  • @danish, adsl are assigned with a dynamic IP which changes only when the router is restarted, so if you wana try then c’mon i challenge you!!! i will do it …. lolz….. learn sumthing boy!!

  • i an using Zong EDGE and
    also today this appeaing:

    Could not locate remote server You tried to access the address , which is currently unavailable.

    Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly spelt and punctuated, then try reloading the page. Make sure your Internet connection is active and check whether other applications that rely on the same connection are working.

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