State of Mobile Number Portability in Pakistan

Pakistan is first South Asian country to launch Mobile Number Portability. It was successfully launched and PTA has regularized it well, but some discrepancies become declining factors of MNP in the Pakistan.
Some are as follow:

  • Call Connectivity: MNP is somewhat like Ufone’s new ad where patient is having every disease. The common complaints communicated by customers are of call connectivity tones, anonymous recipient connectivity and list goes on….
  • Donator Operator Reluctantness: Donator is the entity, who is responsible for donating the number to recipient operator. The donator operator is always unwilling to donate customer relationship to recipient operator, where it depends on the revenue of that customer, if customer is having high revenue streams, donor operator will think twice to donate revenue stream to recipient operator; for that operators have different departments like Customer Retention & loyalty or Customer Relationship departments. By these departments, they offer customer certain giveaways to keep customer stick with the same network code.

  • Process Delay: This is normal in the process of MNP that it is delayed for no reason or just for the reason for retaining customer on the same network. The process delay is always been a tactic of Donator operator to create different hinders in donating customer to other network, some of the common process delay messages are :
    A.    System Down Problem
    B.    We haven’t received any response from Recipient Operator
    C.    Any other bureaucratic style errors.

Whatever the case would be, cellular mobile operators must help customers who want to port to other operators and PTA must take notice of any complains regarding the issue. At the same time it is also responsibility of customer to complain strongly to PTA if he/she come across any problem.

For those who think that this is the time to switch to another network; find below the procedure for getting benefited of Mobile Number Portability.

  1. Certain requirements need to be met before MNP can be requested for a phone account; such as: proof of ownership, no conflict due to existing agreement, number should have been in service for at least 60 days etc.
  2. Fill out a form and present it to the provider to which you wish to port – called Recipient Network.
  3. Pay the porting fee (varies by company, up to a few hundred rupees).
  4. A Number Portability Request (NPR) is launched by the Recipient Network and you are given a SIM and a tentative time (at least 4 days – but could be up to 21 days) to when you can start to use new mobile provider network on this SIM.

Those who want more ins and outs of this process may find this document quite helpful to them.

  • Zag

    My experience with MNP was pretty smooth. I went from Ufone to Warid and found the Warid franchise very helpful in this regard. Not only did they helped me through the whole procedure but also got me my exact details filed with PTA so that I won’t get rejected by Ufone.

    Since I went from Prepaid to postpaid it was a simple procedure where I was given a sim and was told to change it when I stop receiving any calls.

    However, after that I’ve tried going to Telenor, but because I was moving from Postpaid to Postpaid, i was told I will have to pay my bill, which was fine, but i will also have to calculate the amount will be using during the time it takes for the port to be executed and deposit it with Warid. But no one knows what this time should be. So in the end i decided to stick with Warid for now.

  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    I have ported 4 numbers, it took usually 2,3 days for me …

  • Muhammad Faraz Cheema

    I was ported from Zong to Ufone in one and a half day only…

    • Nadeem Ahmed

      i m talking about indigo (postpaid)
      and u ported in / out in one n half day bcz u have prepaid connection

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    i poted out from mobilink indigo to ufone pre-pay , it took 14 days for the whole process.Now it is working fine.

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    i ported out from mobilink indigo freedom 4 to ufone prepay. took 14 days for all the process.

  • Zombie

    How to switch from telenor to ufone…going to franchise is bit difficult for me…i have heard theres some procedure you enter from you mobile and get the network switched to desired one.

  • My telenor numbr port to jazz. 03455717404 . And jaz numbr port tn zong. 03015430044.

  • Haroon ch.

    My telenor numbr port to jazz. 03455717404 . And jaz numbr port tn zong. 03015430044.

  • killer

    I do want to port my Telenor number to Warid Glow.

    – Calls Not Being Received, Other get the message That my Phone is Off.
    – My cell appears Off specially to Warid numbers & International calls.
    – Miscall & Phone-Off SMS/Message/Report Never get Received.
    – No SMS Delivery Reports.
    – SMS Delivery Report service is still On in Zong & Warid.

    My Questions which need to be Answered are:
    – If i port/convert to Warid network. If someone calls me, My number will be owned by Warid Network Totally or It will always be Linked from Telenor to Warid then me??…I’m asking this because I don’t want anymore problems from Telenor Issues.

    – If i port to Ward, will i be able to Send/Receive calls & sms to Telenor numbers without any Telenor CREATED Issues??

    – PLEASE TELL ME you Good/Bad Experiences for Porting to Warid Network from Other Networks ???

    waiting for your responses.

  • i change my numbr 03459340010 to zong and 03149375020 to u fone both are v nice