Software Technology (IT) Parks in Pakistan

A vibrant, expanding economic contributor, Pakistan’s IT Industry generates over 2 billion dollars each year for the country. Rapid investment is being fuelled by the mushrooming growth of exports along with the support of government organizations and policies. A global service provider, Pakistan offers multiple benefits for outsourced services including value addition, processing and back end support. With smooth regulatory procedures to ensure efficiency and on-time delivery, Pakistan has established as the world Leader in quality with over 125 ISO and CMM certified companies.

Over 100,000 trained IT professionals in country and an ever increasing number of specialized educational institutes are adding ever better trained resources to an already vibrant job market. This ensures a talent pool of exceptional skills is constantly available to the industry, while specialized low cost facilities available and friendly policies ensure IT organizations a hassle free set up and work environment. These facilities are available in the shape of IT parks, already and being established around the country. Offering state of the art IT Enabled Office Space and facilities, these parks offer ready to furnish office space to IT organizations with the aim of providing a one stop solution to set up or expand IT enterprises.

Three IT parks have been developed so far, in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The need for IT parks has arisen given that land was required to meet tremendous unfulfilled demand for the expansion of IT companies. The existing buildings, like other retail space, do not address IT Enabled Office Space requirements such as uninterrupted year around operations, quality bandwidth, reliable power and security, accessibility, expandability and parking space.

IT Parks in Islamabad: The first IT park was developed in Islamabad. Scenic land was purchased close to over a dozen HEC recognized universities and several world class hotels, nestled serenely just of. Islamabad has excellent quality of life including hills, green belts, parks, and superior city administrative services- the ideal location of choice for multinationals and expatriates. Islamabad has a population of 2 million with literacy rate of over 80% growing at over 3% a year. Islamabad and the sister city of Rawalpindi are emerging as the “Silicon Plateau” of Pakistan.

IT Parks in Lahore: Lahore, the cultural and academic hub of the sub continent, is known as the “Boston of Pakistan”. It was the top choice for location by 65% of target companies as per the Lahore IT Survey. The IT Park in Lahore has 6 acres within premises of Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport. Lahore’s metropolitan area has population of over 8 million, largest concentration of software export firms, and dozens of HEC-recognized Universities and IT Departments.

IT Parks in Karachi: Karachi, the “New York of Pakistan”, was chosen as the location for the second IT Park. Spread out on 6 acres of prime, highly secure land was purchased within Karachi city. Based on proximity to residential and commercial areas and educational institutes, availability of infrastructure, and legal status, it was unanimously chosen as the best possible location by companies in the region according to the Karachi IT Survey. Karachi’s metropolitan area has a population of over 15 million, the largest concentration of IT firms, and dozens of HEC-recognized Universities and IT Departments. Karachi is an international financial and travel hub, famous for its air and sea port, and as the economic heart beat of the country.

  • IT Industry is proving its worth in Pakistan.
    If you are sound at your programming skills and live in a city like Karachi, you will easily end up having a handsome paying job at some reputable company.
    This IT industry ensures that no skilled IT professional is without job or his own Company.

    May Pakistan witness some Google like startup on its surface.

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