Feedback of New SIM Verification System

Though it would be too early to discuss the consequences and feedback of New SIM Verification system; however an early lookup of the process revealed pleasing outcomes. Due to the nature of system, it exerted positive impact on customers, while cellular companies, franchisers and distributors are still evaluating the system to measure their benefits.

Any department of mobile cellular industry that has word “Sales” in it is not giving elevated impression at all. On other hands, cellular companies are doing their best to maintain the service level of 789 call centers; while the distributors and franchisers are living with rumors of SIM pricing shooting up in coming days.

The happiest of all are customers, who are sure now that SIMs they will purchase will get registered to their names. 789 lines are found easily accessible as many customers reported verification process completion in 4 to 5 minutes.

Franchisers’ overhead had doubled as they are getting their customers verified too and they have arranged special CSRs for the purpose who are helping customers in dialing the 789 lines and guiding them through the process.

Overall it’s been a successful launch with pleasant words of feedback from customers. But as stated above, cellular companies, distributors and franchisers may get their head together and hike the SIM price (by Rs. 1000, as discussion by The Nation Newspaper) in order to recover their overheads, though we didn’t find any confirmation from industry about this rumor.

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  • I would like to share this with all the Telenor Users..Sim Activation is Effective from 1st of Feb 2009 all new prepaid SIMs (which are not First Call Activation till 31st Jan) will be activated once the subscriber dials 789 (from the new SIM purchased) & verifies his CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). All activations for subscribers who do not have CNICs but carry passports and other documents will be carried out at Telenor Sales & Service Centers.

    This is an industry wide step, initiated by PTA & implemented by all telecom operators to ensure subscriber security. Together all cellular operators have already launched an advertising campaign to communicate this important news to the market.

    Telenor S&D , CRD and IT and along with many other teams have also made special arrangements to make this new process as smooth as possible for all our new joining customers.

    A Telenor specific media campaign will also go on-air on the subject from 1st Feb.

    Kindly feel free to share this very important development with all your teams and business partners.
    Respond here if you want further information

  • I think it is a positive Step to legalise the Sims..regarding pros and cons i think they are everywhere to intiate anything…however i find the big picture bright…

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