Unregistered Sims to be Blocked After March 31: Rehman

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior has said that all unregistered Sims of various cellular companies being used would be blocked after March 31, 2009. Official statement further said that Nadra would verify the data of buyers of the SIMs.

About the already unregistered Sims being used, he said messages would be sent to mobile phone numbers users to register Sims (Subscribers Identification Module) in their name, otherwise these would be blocked.

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  • I feel to understand that why is that they keep on threatening people by blocking their sim cards but they don’t actually do it by blocking them for once although I remember that something didn’t get blocked in 2008 but then again people whose sins were blocked went to the offices of the companies and other basalt most of them by giving fictitious ID cards and I can guarantee that at the moment there are millions and millions of people who have got their sim cards registered on fictitious IDs.

    Please stop threatening and just do it once and for all before giving any time line to people if you’re really serious about. Although it might have its backdrops but you know what you’re trying to achieve will not happen by the wait you are trying to achieve it.

    God bless Pakistan

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