Fake SIM Registrations; Where Customers Should Go?

I am very much upset while writing all this, yesterday my friend advised me that I should check the status of my National Identity Card with the telecom companies so that it come be clear to me that no fake Sims are being used that are registered with my CNIC. This was because of the recent act of terrorism – and everyone must make sure that no SIM is registered to his/her CNIC other than what he/she is using for himself/herself.

To my surprise, there are already many people checking their CNIC details – as I saw a crowd of people from the suburban areas, all of them were inquiring about the fake use of CNIC. Similary I verified from all mobile companies for SIMs that are registered with my CNIC.

How to Check

This is sort of hectic work, but one must undergo this process. Go to Service Centers of all mobile companies, and ask CSRs to provide you details of all numbers that are registered with your CNIC. They are likely to tell you all numbers that are associated with your CNIC. Don’t get surprized if you find numbers registered to your CNIC that you never bought. But make sure, that you block them – for safty, call them and check if they are actually blocked.

I was surprised that on my name and CNIC, five numbers have been issued and I am using only one, rest of them are unknown. When I asked the CSR of Telenor he gave me details and advised me to call other 4 numbers and threat them first of the fake usage, than they would block them, I went out of my mind when I heard this that why should I call them while these fake IDs are registered by the company itself .

Then I went to Mobilink Customer Service, there the story was quite different as the Customer Service Representative was reluctant to tell the number of connections on my ID card, and they were taking the applications for blocking all those numbers except  mentioned not to block, But they didn’t give me details about that.

I think I am a Pakistani and it’s my right that I should be given all the information which involves my NIC in the Companies.

Now all of the Telecoms are reluctant to block the connections because their revenue may get disturbed. How PTA could tolerate this kind of activities, PTA has devised the new Registration Regulations, but still don’t have centralized system for checking the connections. It’s my Request to PTA! Please stop this Scam, as people are heavily disturbed by this, their names, NICs may have been used in criminal activities. The telecom Companies are truly involved in it and they can’t deny it and they know it well.

  • Asslam o alaikum

    Dear you have pointed out a very important issue and it must be checked by making policies regarding this. and there should be an easy way for everyone to check whether there is any sim issued at his name. Better if there is any online method for checking it.. . . . .

  • Zong wins here too. I telephoned to the call center and told me that how many numbers are registered to my NIC.

    Luckily there are no additional fake registrations on my NIC.

    Ufone asked to visit the franchise for the same.

    Others telecos should follow this as Zong to at-least tell the number of fake Sims registered on users NIC.

  • Don’t we have any representative for PTA or anything to approach the authorities. anyone from PTA here?

  • Hello, thats a very useful post,
    can you please give me the helpline numbers of telecom providers, for the people who are abroad.
    like telenor has..at
    If you are calling from another country please dial +92 42 111 345 100 or +92 51 111 345 100 .
    i am trying to find other’s… please help

  • you can conform from 345 if u are using Telenor. Last sunday I checked that. CRO given me details of all including the fake one. U can also block via 345

  • Asalam U Alaikum
    Dear Brother
    ap ne bohat achi baat ki hay
    or ma tamam readers se requst karo ga k wo sub her telecom k franchise per jain or check karin k un ka NIC miss use tu nahi ho raha ho sakta hai k koi asa number in k naam per use ho raha ho jis ko wo nahi jantay saya numbers ko foran block karwa dain ye hum sb or humaray mulk k liay bohat behtar ho ga
    hum sb ko tamam tensions se mahfooz rakhay Ameen

  • Please make sure when you give a photocopy of an CNIC card always writie down what it is to be used for e.g. single purchase of telenor SIM card on the date ONLY, hence this cannot be re-used.

    Now PTA has asked that all customers need to show their original cards new SIMs or re-ordering of SIMs, this is good.

    But the databases maintained with the telcos can still be reused???? for another purchase??? … hence make sure you sign the form as on the CNIC , infact I think the finer print impression would be best, such that no loop holes can be lsft in the system.

    So only those forms with all above details can sort an illegal purchase on your name, if they do not have the above paper work then either the telcos or a fake CNIC was used.

    Rest for all those that are stuck as of now , do the following:

    1) Make sure you inform PTA of the occurance,
    2) Lounge a Kachi report with your police stn of misuse or mail FIA,
    3) In form you telcos (or any people you give your CNIC no. to not issue anything till your finger print is not used!!!)

    PLUS I hope our CNIC system via Nadra does not end up like the many thousands of sad people in USA who have their Social Security No.s stolen & their livihoods lost!!!!

  • I am facing the same problem. Mobilink has issued five numbers under my CNIC. However, I am using only one number and remaining four numbers are fictaious. When i asked them to give me the details of numbers they simply refused me. I worte several emails of customer services to block other four numbers but all invain. Here i want to know to any responsible person that what can i do under this scenario.
    I am afraid that if any of these fictatious numbers is involved in criminal act that where will i stand for. And what will my position at that time?

  • Dear everyone, this is a very serious matter. every one should check if there is a fake number registered on his/her CNIC, because three days back a guy was arrested by agencies from a village near rahimyarkhan for bieng involved in the attack on srilankan team, b/c the agencies have some proofs that a sim was used by the attackers which was registered under the name of the guy, a friend of mine belongs to the same village and he told me that the guy belong to very poor family and the guy arrested said that he lost his phone during his visit to the karachi and he informed his family back in rahimyarkhan to get his sim blocked. now whats the real story GOD knows better but we should check out if there is any fake sim registered on our CNIC and PTA should also take some serious steps towards this.

  • Whenever you give a copy of your CNIC to anyone for any purpose, kindly cross it and write down the word ‘cancelled’ on it or else write the purpose for which you are giving that copy to someone. This will make sure that the copies made from that copy of your CNIC are unusable.

    Please always be very cautious when handing over the copy of your CNIC to anyone.




  • I’m from Karachi. Can anyone please tell me where Mobilink Customer Facilitation Centers are located,because i cant seem to find any! And there URL and UAN no. are not at all helpful!

  • dear Samia
    Mobilink Customer Facilitation Centre is located at Punjab Chowrangi, Clifton, Khi.


  • AOA all,

    This is very important issue.I will suggest two things in this regards.
    1.Register a FIR about the invalid use of CNIC,so that later u can provide it,if ur sim is misused.
    2.If police do not co-operate with you in filing FIR or Telecom is reluctant to either provide u the information or blocking the fake sims do contact to News Channels i hope they are looking for these issues especially Express news or Geo.
    We must take this matter very seriously.


  • Still there are more issues which has to be solved I am continously receiving a message on my mobile and on my wifes mobile since I knew it so I am deleting the msg but think about the innocent peoples who are loosing their money for nothing the msg is like this……….
    A.A.SAIMA JAN +92336 6734055
    # 100 # 923056643308 ## 33 #########
    Tel me what to do for this

  • CNIC All useless how could U hide there are many places where U hv to submit the copy how U know the peoples sitting over there are ok and wil not use ur cnic for their self or wil not suply further This is only
    Pakistan is my country but sorry to say any thing is possible here Good to bad and Bad to Good
    Just see above my msg none of U had bothered to reply not even the the staff running this site and why they hv to run their site not to solve problem of the public they hv to earn money and not loose
    Sorry for thse comments but this a bitter true of my country

  • CNIC # is a very useful thing for other users,if someone has the reach to ur cnic number,he will give loss from different directions to u if he want because the CNIC number have important information about u.so be carefull and dont disclose ur CNIC information or dont give the copy of CNIC to anyone without confirmation and when u will give a copy of Ur CNIC then u should write down the text for which it will use.

  • Complained about 2 days ago to PTA.
    WOW i got a reply. Lets see the outcome.

    “1. Kindly make contact with the complainant. Provide him with the list of numbers issued against his CNIC. Verify with the complainant, identify all illegally issued numbers and block the same without any delay under intimation to this office and the complainant. Identify the franchise involved in such activity and action taken against the same at your end under intimation to this office. Forward compliance report by XX September 2009.
    2. Copy of all correspondence/ status reports related to the enclosed complaint shall be communicated simultaneously to the complainant and this office by the stipulated date.
    An expeditious and logical redressal of the consumer grievance at your end shall be appreciated.”

  • Easiest way to check your CNIC.

    Type your CNIC only and text it to 668, shortly you will receive reply about how many connections are installed against your CNIC in every telco.

    No need to go or call any CR of telcos. But yes if you feel that there are nos issued in your name then you have to drill the CRCs of telcos.

  • Nice article..PTA should do something about it. The fact that cellular operators are hesitant to block these illegal numbers due to revenue issues makes it more scary. Where is their patriotism now ? they sing songs for Pakistan and pretend to do everything for customers and Pakistan but when it comes to blocking of numbers its not an issue for them. But it means a lot to the consumer.

  • i am from isb. this is very dangrous thing
    that not knowing fucking telecom companies. yeh sary bnahen chod ha he gandoooo log. aik sim k against 50, 50 sim hoti hen. kiia yeh in gandooo logon ko pta nai ha????
    en ko pta hota ha leken yeh kutty k bachy bahen yakki kerty hen..
    men aik link deta hun es py apny nam sim check ker len
    es py apna nic do aur check karo k ap k nam kitni sims hen…..
    papu from ISB.

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