Fake SIM Registrations; Where Customers Should Go?

I am very much upset while writing all this, yesterday my friend advised me that I should check the status of my National Identity Card with the telecom companies so that it come be clear to me that no fake Sims are being used that are registered with my CNIC. This was because of the recent act of terrorism – and everyone must make sure that no SIM is registered to his/her CNIC other than what he/she is using for himself/herself.

To my surprise, there are already many people checking their CNIC details – as I saw a crowd of people from the suburban areas, all of them were inquiring about the fake use of CNIC. Similary I verified from all mobile companies for SIMs that are registered with my CNIC.

How to Check

This is sort of hectic work, but one must undergo this process. Go to Service Centers of all mobile companies, and ask CSRs to provide you details of all numbers that are registered with your CNIC. They are likely to tell you all numbers that are associated with your CNIC. Don’t get surprized if you find numbers registered to your CNIC that you never bought. But make sure, that you block them – for safty, call them and check if they are actually blocked.

I was surprised that on my name and CNIC, five numbers have been issued and I am using only one, rest of them are unknown. When I asked the CSR of Telenor he gave me details and advised me to call other 4 numbers and threat them first of the fake usage, than they would block them, I went out of my mind when I heard this that why should I call them while these fake IDs are registered by the company itself .

Then I went to Mobilink Customer Service, there the story was quite different as the Customer Service Representative was reluctant to tell the number of connections on my ID card, and they were taking the applications for blocking all those numbers except  mentioned not to block, But they didn’t give me details about that.

I think I am a Pakistani and it’s my right that I should be given all the information which involves my NIC in the Companies.

Now all of the Telecoms are reluctant to block the connections because their revenue may get disturbed. How PTA could tolerate this kind of activities, PTA has devised the new Registration Regulations, but still don’t have centralized system for checking the connections. It’s my Request to PTA! Please stop this Scam, as people are heavily disturbed by this, their names, NICs may have been used in criminal activities. The telecom Companies are truly involved in it and they can’t deny it and they know it well.