304K Net Subscribers Added in February 2009

PTA has announced its latest stats for February 2009 which reveals that cellular companies added total of 304,145 net subscribers in the month – which was first one after the new system for SIM verification.

Telenor added most customers in February 2009 while Mobilink repeated its recent month’s convention and lost another 199,012 customers.

Rest of the story is clearly told by following graphs.



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  • At the stage where the mobilink is, they should think to retain the market share rather than losing it, which they are not understanding. e.g. they announced SMS Bundle package 1 @ Rs. 2.79 per day. but they have taken back in less than one month period and also without any intimation. I think Mobilink should consider very seriously over the issues which are causing in losing their subscribers.

  • I agree with you Abdul Waheed . Mobilink is losing the loyality of its customers . Two days before i went to Telenor franchise to port in from warid . When i asked them i need to port in , they asked me is your network mobilink ? I said no , its warid…. Then i asked him why u asked me that question , he told me that they are getting majority of port in request from mobilink customers , thats why he thought i was a mobilink customer too.

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